How to create user and permission to user in Ubuntu server 16.04

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When you have Ubuntu server. They have only one user is root that’s supper user. In the Ubuntu server allow create multiple users. They also allow adding sudo permission to user.

When user was added sudo permission that’s administrator privileges for all privileges system.

Ordinarily only available on root user. or making by yourself adding permission to normal users. in this guide you have some steps to make normal user to as root user.

  1. Create a new user
    • Login to your server as root use

    • Create user by command

    • Look at tp04 you can replace to your user you want to create.

    • You will get a prompt to enter new password and retype new password
    • After that You will get another prompt asking Full Name, Room Number… you can step all field input and type y to complete creation a new user.

    • That’s all steps you got a new user in Ubuntu server
  2. Adding sudo privileges to normal user
    • Adding user to sudo sudo privileges

    • In order to test sudo group

    • If the case you will get prompt password. Typing tp04’s password

    • Now You will check tp04 have became as root user you will type another command to check that’s user.


    • This command will request all contain info into root folder
    • That’s final step to make normal user to become as root user.


When you have multiple projects was running on the same server. by the way you can separate permission to specific user.

Wish happy coding.


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